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Reporting Harassment and Inappropriate Behaviour & Content on our Community

(Topic created on: 22-06-2023 04:18 PM)

Hi all,


Firstly, we feel we should address the recent accusations of alleged inappropriate and harassing private messaging from one of our Community members. To confirm: the team have investigated the matter and found that there have been no private messages (deleted or otherwise) between the two users; and so we conclude that the accusations against Neo001 made by CindyFlowerGirl are false.


Secondly, we also want to give some clear guidance on how to report inappropriate behaviour or content on our Community.


We want our Community to be a safe and welcoming space for all of our members, as set out in our Terms of Service:, Guidelines:, and the ‘Samsung Members Community User Guide’ (which can be found in the Members app > Notifications (bell icon) > Notices).


If you should see or experience any behaviour or content that you feel is inappropriate or otherwise against our Community’s aims and rules, please report it to the Community Team directly for us to investigate and take appropriate action on.


How to report inappropriate public posts on our Community


Web browser version


  1. Click ‘Options’ (three dots) on the top right of the relevant post
  2. Click ‘Report Inappropriate Content’
  3. In the box, tell us why you believe this content is inappropriate
  4. Click ‘Notify Moderator’


Members App version


  1. Tap the three dots on the top right of the relevant post
  2. Tap ‘Report’
  3. Select the appropriate option (‘Other’ allows you to be more descriptive)
  4. Tap ‘Send’


How to report inappropriate Private Messages on our Community


  1. Take screenshots of the entire message conversation(s) between you and the other user.
  2. Send a Private Message to the Samsung UK & Ireland Members Community Team’s shared Sam_UK account (guide on how to send Private Messages here:
  3. Include as much information as you can about the incident. E.g. content and time of the messages; any other interactions you’ve had with the other user.



Above all, we’re here to keep you safe and having the best Community experience.


Thank you,


Your Samsung UK & Ireland Members Community Team