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When You can't sync Samsung Gallery with Onedrive but before you can Try to do like this.

(Topic created on: 17-08-2022 11:44 AM)
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Dear all  If you lost sync but before you can. Try to do as below 

    I found a way to re-sync the Samsung gallery with one drive

1 You have to unlink your one drive account that connected with the Samsung account first 

- Go to Setting > Account and Back up > Account > Select Samsung Account > Account information > Service with access to your information > Select 3 dot back of Icon Microsoft > Unlink > Ok anything 

2. Then after did the first go to the Samsung Gallery 

- Samgung Gallery > Setting ( in the Samsung Gallery) > Cloud sync > access one drive > continue 

3.  After that press home back to phone setting 

- Setting > Account and Back up > Account > Select One drive that you use for back up > Sync account > Open Media Storage tap (Keep open) 


After that One drive will ask you what folder that you need to back up ...


I tried it work for me 

Good Luck