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Switching sim erases the text message

(Topic created on: 15-06-2024 08:45 AM)
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My dad has a Note 9 which has 2 sims. Depending on who he's texting, he'll either use sim 1 or sim 2. The phone does show 2 icons on the lower right with label of 1 or 2 for the 2 sims. He has had no problem with this until recently. He can text fine using sim 1. But when he taps on sim 2 to send a text message, a pop up asks to switch sim and that the text message typed will be erased. There's no other choice but to agree and retype the text message. The icons on the lower right did change from paper planes to that wiggly line thing, then sim2 can send the text. I did try setting sim 2 as the default sim for text messages in sim manager, but it still did the same thing. In a sense, the sims still work. But it can be annoying when you type a long message, only to be erased and retyped because you forgot you had to use sim 2. I've been searching the internet for answers but I'm not getting anything. Any tips on this?