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Still unable to upgrade via the upgrade lounge website...

(Topic created on: 01-10-2020 10:55 PM)
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First of all, earlier today it was impossible to login to the upgrade program via the website.

The number (to call for assistance) on the website went to an automated multi-option phone exchange - basically impossible to get through to the person you need to speak to - eventually spoke to someone who put me through to another number (utterly the wrong department) and they obviously couldn't help - was given another useless number who also couldn't help.


Finally able to login to the upgrade program about 12 hours later - and can get as far as the 2nd page, where the link to continue the purchase still doesn't work. On any browser, handset or device.


How is it so difficult to check that the website works?

Why is buying any product direct from Samsung so cumbersome?

What is the point have having totally useless support services?

When am I going to learn - and buy another brand...?


Samsung is an utter s**tshow if there is a problem, but probably because they sell many millions of devices the problems are probably a fraction of a percent overall - so who cares?


They certainly don't.