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Samsung Health CRIPPLING the app and the Galaxy wearables with version 6.11

(Topic created on: 17-07-2020 06:42 PM)

I'm going to be super blunt. Some genius at Samsung decided that Calorie intake and Caffeine tracking is going to be deprecated starting version 6.11. This follows a steady trend. This goes for the Samsung App and any wearables. I'd like to know who this genius person is at Samsung???


The app is working great. Sure. Nothing is perfect, but it is a sleek nice app that is working well with my Galaxy Sport watch. Other people in my family like these features and have the same setup. 


So I ask Samsung - why should I update to a new phone (s21 or whatever comes next year) and update to a new Galaxy Smartphone when you deprecate services? Again - who was the genius?


I'll have to look elsewhere, even if it involves scrapping four S20s and and all the smartwatches. Money is not an issue. It is how you run your business. And this is a very poor decision. Samsung - you may CC this message to the genius at Samsung who decided this.


Shame on a such a good app. Shame on Samsung. Shame on the genius in charge of this.

Helping Hand
sure it says when I've only done 1800 footsteps I burned 1200 calories its unbelievably wrong, you'd have to do a lot more footsteps to even be near that around 40000 footsteps so its so wrong and giving people the wrong information

I totally agree with RobNed, the changes that are to happen to Samsung Health in the v6.11 update (namely removal of food, weight and caffeine tracking) raise serious questions about Samsungs understanding of its customers!


I have just heard about the imminent change to the features within the Samsung Health app for the German customer base which is rolling out in the latest software update as Samsung Germany have detailed here :
While I fully understand that this same announcement hasn't yet been issued to the whole worldwide market yet, I can't help but feel that it's only a matter of time before we are all presented with the same changes as the German customers. 

It's very concerning that Samsung can suddenly remove extremely important functions like these.
To suddenly exclude a fundamental function like food and weight tracking from a Health app for no apparent reason is at best, bizarre. I would like to ask what the reasoning was behind this dramatic change?

The possibility that the same could easily happen worldwide is incredibly worrying. I, and many millions of Samsung customers worldwide have numerous years of this data stored within Samsung Health. I have been using it for years to help to maintain my weight and fitness. This change would effectively stop that functionality, making the app, and therefore the Samsung devices I have purchased to gather and store that data, unfit for purpose.

Additionally, a feature that many customers undoubtedly purchased Samsung devices specifically for, is being removed AFTER we have given you our money! That is the most concerning thing about this, and it seems incredibly unfair! What will go next? Sleep tracking? Step tracking? Where could it end?
I purchased into the Samsung ecosystem about 10 years ago so I am a long standing Samsung customer.
I've purchased numerous Samsung products including a Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S2, Gear Fit, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 4, Gear S3 Frontier, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 9, Wireless Duo Charger, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, Samsung Dual Flex Smart Oven and most recently a Samsung 10,000 mAH wireless portable battery.
I have given you thousands of pounds of my money and recommended your products to numerous friends and family members who have usually gone on to purchase from you, rather than go to your competitors because of the advice I have given.

I really like your brand and products, so much that I have continued to purchase them despite ever increasing prices on flagship devices alongside much more competitively priced alternatives from other manufacturers.
I have done this because I have a loyalty to your brand and to your products. Up to now you have always given me everything I need in one place.

Removing something as important as food and weight tracking from your health app shows a complete disregard for your paying customers and a total lack of loyalty to the very group who keep your organisation in business!

I am due to upgrade my current setup of a Galaxy Watch and Note 9 in the coming weeks. Up until this bombshell I have only been considering the imminent Note 20 and Galaxy Watch 3 (possibly with a set of your new wireless buds too).
In light of this change I will, unfortunately have to seriously rethink my next purchase!
There are many other companies out there offering products that compete directly with the Samsung range for health and diet tracking (Apple, Garmin, FitBit, Huawei, Xiaomi to name but a few)
This huge crippling of your health offering means that I now feel it's time for me to consider saying goodbye to the Samsung brand and start looking elsewhere instead.... sadly.
I look forward to a reply that explains how this decision can benefit customers in ANY way! Hopefully, the relevant people can see this and reverse this change before you lose a large number of loyal customers like me! 


Thank you for an elegantly put response. 

I am at a loss how this bizarre decision has been conceived at Samsung. 


You have a unique position with a fully functional software and calory tracker integrated with your Galaxy Smartphones. It has been there for years. I have used it for years. Why would you give that up? How stupid is that idea? In which way does a caffeine tracker or a calory tracker break your app to the point you can not release a new version with it?


Three simple questions for the genius in charge at Samsung:


1) Why should I buy a smartwatch from you in the future for a service you are dismantling. 


2) Why should I have  an app that counts how many calories I've spent excercising, when it doesn't have a baseline - something to compare this value to - in other words a calorie tracker or logger? Showing how many calories you burnt is nothing if you don't deduct what you consume. It's simple arithmetics. Plus and minus. 


3) If you do not wish to expand the Samsung Health app to include fancy things like scanning BarCodes and invest in it, then at least let me punch in my own numbers, thank you very much. Leave it as it is!


Unfortunately Zippyioa - This is not just Germany... this must be a European thing or even a Global thing. I'm in Scandinavia.


Hearing how some genius at Samsung decided to cripple this service gave me a déjà vu of Steve Balmer laughing and ridiculing Apple's Iphone in 2010, saying: "500 dollars? Fully subsidized? With a plan? I said that is the most expensive phone in the world. And it doesn't appeal to business customers because it doesn't have a keyboard."


Next year when it is time to buy four (4) smartphones for 1000 Euro or more (subsidised or not) and new smartwatches it won't be Samsung unless they reverse stupid decisions like this. Otherwise they are just monumentally stupid like Steve Ballmer was back in 2010. No foresight. No sense of business. Just management nonsense.



I have started a petition in this community since the Health app will be crippled in our phones and smartwatches to nothing more than a fancy step-counter.


Make your voice heard! Please consider letting Samsung know you care!

If Samsung still goes ahead and terminates these services, this will then be a testament to how poor the decision was and why.

Please go to the following link on this community: