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Samsung Pay not working with my new Galaxy Watch 42mm with S10+

(Topic created on: 27-03-2019 09:18 PM)
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long story short; im a 10 year apple user, decided to break out of jail so i got galaxy watch 42mm and s10+ 


(so far, i love it) 


BUT, i noticed samsung pay doesnt work on my watch. it works on my phone with noooooo problem - in fact, i love it. 

I live in the USA

i bought my watch on amazon and it says its the US Version. I trust amazon because you have to be authorized to sell.. 

my watches model number is SM-R810ECN0X 


to clarify; YES i have updated the phone to its current OS, YES I have updated wearables app, YES i have tried to reset my watch (5x now), YES ,i have updated Galaxy Store, YES i have downloaded samsung pay (watch plug-in), i pretty much updated and downloaded everything i could it this point. 


the weird thing, is what when i open my wearables app, i know samsung pay is suppose to be next to "galaxy store,samsung health, and smart things" .. but its not there... thats when i downloaded the Samsung Pay Watch Pluging APK, i installed it and when i hit 'open' it says, "this watch may not be supported'...

how the heck is this possible? 


I've contacted samsung but.... we all know how that goes. Ive spoken to a few hardcore samsung fans on my youtube channel and none of them could help me out. I dont understand why such an easy thing should cause so many headaches. I remember with my apple watch, all i had to go to get apple pay to work was .. turn the watch on and ... BAM. 


so, samsung fans.. i need help. 

Hi there, @MarksTech.

As we can assume you've tried most things, it would be best to get in touch with our dedicated Samsung Pay Team. You can contact them on 0330 726 7729.

Hope they can manage to get to the bottom of this for you!

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I bought the same watch last week in Seoul and I have been speaking with Samsung customer support team in Korea. The thing is, they just removed samsung pay on Galaxy Watch. It is not there. That's it.


Why would Samsung just remove it on galacy watch? It's unbelievable. I just hope i can return the watch.