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Why is Samsung killing Samsung Health App.


Someone at Samsung decided that Calorie intake and Caffeine tracking is going to be deprecated starting version 6.11. This follows a steady trend. This goes for the Samsung App and any wearables. 


The app is working great. Sure. Nothing is perfect, but it is a sleek nice app that is working well with my Galaxy Sport watch. Other people in my family like these features and have the same setup. 


So I ask Samsung - why should I update to a new phone (s21 or whatever comes next year) and update to a new Galaxy Smartphone when you deprecate services? 


I'll have to look elsewhere, even if it involves scrapping four S20s and and all the smartwatches. Money is not an issue. It is how you run your business. And this is a very poor decision. Samsung - you may copy this message to that "someone" who makes these deicisions.


Very disappointed with Samsung. When you buy phones and wearables, you expect that they honor the core features of these werables and apps. 

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I have been using Samsung for 8 years now.
i recently started using samsung health app and was thinking of leaving a 5 star review on how I managed to lose weight using their Samsung Health app.
i tried to get something similar on the iphone for my wife but nothing came close to it. Then I noticed Samsung Heallth for Iphone.
my wife loves it although it has less features.
i convinced her to get a galaxy fit which she owns as of last week and she was ready to get the Samsung S20 in order to get all the features.

If this news is true then that's one potential customer you have lost.
I will wait before switching her from Apple to Samsung

I have started a petition in this community since the Health app will be crippled in our phones and smartwatches to nothing more than a fancy step-counter.


Make your voice heard! Please consider letting Samsung know you care!

If Samsung still goes ahead and terminates these services, this will then be a testament to how poor the decision was and why.

Please go to the following link on this community:



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