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Samsung A70 WIFI problem

(Topic created on: 15-07-2019 10:51 AM)
First Poster

I purchased a Samsung A70 but the device will not connect to my workplace wifi. It connects to other wifi networks in shops, restaurants, private homes etc but not to my workplace wifi network. My old device Samsung A3 connects perfectly and so does my android tablet. My colleagues do not have any issues with connecting to my workplace wifi either. I have ensured the password is correct, I have forgotten the network and started again, I have done a factory reset and also a data reset but the ***** thing still WILL NOT CONNECT!!!. When the password is entered and I push connect the screen goes dull and under the wifi network name shows the word connecting and this continuously flashes but still it WILL NOT CONNECT!  The signal of the wifi network is showing very strong so I do not know why there is a problem. This is the second Samsung A70 device that I've had as the first one got sent back because it was having the same issue. It obviously is an issue with the device and therefore it is not fully functional to deal with any wifi network as it should be. It's annoying that Samsung is allowed to sell a device that has issues such as this!..Can anyone help with this?