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S21 In-store repair

(Topic created on: 09-08-2021 08:18 PM)
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Very disappointed with the service from Samsung about the repair on my broken screen. It has taken at least 10 days now and it said it was being repaired about 3 days ago from now and then a day later it said it was sent to somewhere else and waiting to be repaired again… They said in the store at least 5 days but this is far too long for a repair considering corner shop repairs could do it in 3 hours. Sure, different smashed etc. may take more time but not 10 days. I have spoken to 4 people about this now and an engineer was supposed to phone me today and nothing. Spoke to the 4th person and she said she will get someone to phone me up about it tomorrow or the next day. If none of this holds any good results, I will be going into the Bristol store and will angerly wait there all day until my fixed phone or a new one is in my hands. I read on the reviews of the Bristol store someone had to wait a month and another person on the general reviews for Samsung also had to wait a month too. I am determined this will not be me too.