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One UI 3.0's design is not nice to look at

(Topic created on: 03-04-2021 11:32 AM)
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Why is it companies feel the need to completely uproot and change the design of something that works perfectly fine?

The notification and quick settings menu takes up the whole screen when there are no notifications, for what purpose? It's ugly, it's too white, it takes up the whole screen and there is no option to change it back. What was wrong with just a slight blur to the background? Why do app folders now only allow a 3x4 design, when there is so much space between the apps? Why does the notification pop up look more clunky and further down into the screen making it way more intrusive? Why is the lock screen clock further down the screen with no option to just place where you want it? 

Give us the option to change these features! It's all very well that you have a team of people who think they are making the best design changes and choices for everyone, but it's like they completely forget that they are not everyone and everyone has different tastes. Just give us more customisation options so we can at least make things look how we want them too, instead of an ugly IOS rip off. I bought the Galaxy S10 because I liked how the phone looked, and now I just have to put up with what some random group of people think looks better?

Extremely unhappy with this update, please bring out something that lets us customise the colours and look of the new notification panel and layout of the app drawer.

 Phone Design.jpg

Like come on, this is just not as good as the small little card that you could then open up to be full screen!

The problems do not end with the design. Simple functionality such as a second button for dual sim has been removed.

This update is a backward step and I can only hope this was a mistake by Samsung which they will quickly fix.
The changes they made are hideous. They need zn option to change it back is there a theme that I could use?
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Is there a way to change this?