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Network Lagspikes in Samsung S6 and S7

(Topic created on: 08-05-2021 09:55 PM)
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Hi I have an issue with two Samsung Phones one Galaxy S6 and one Galaxy S7.

I´m trying to use them as USB server for VirtualHere to do readouts on a USB Orienteering control (SPORTIdent)

The problem I´m facing is Lagspikes right now i have 3 phones set up for this. The two samsungs above and a Motorola G4 Plus.

The S6 are connected trought LTE and have a avg latency of ~70ms, Max 374ms 0.01% packets lost 

The S7 are connected on the same wifi as the client from where im measure latency avg latency of ~234ms Max 1670ms 0% packet lost

And finaly the Moto G4 connected on LTE avg latency of ~42ms,, Max 325ms 0% lost

The graph shows masive spikes on both samsungs fairly regular but almost never on the Moto. 

All three devices ar newly factory reseted (maximum 1 week) and all 3 are connected through a Wireguard VPN to my home network. Same settings on the Wireguard peers. (I see the spikes when measuring directly to the S7 on my wifi to)

Please can anyone help me? Because the samsungs would be the better choice here because they have Wireless charging witch the Moto havent. The moto have to be charge through a odd OTG charge cable that are far from stable and userfirendly!



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Now I have noticed something, it´s only when the screen on the phones are black there are lagspikes when i open the screen and do something the latency are alot mor stable. Is this some kind of power saving tool on samsungs? Are there any setting to disable this?