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M33 5G Doesn't Fast Charging anymore after OneUI 6.0

(Topic created on: a month ago)
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Hello guys

After I updated my phone to one ui 6.0 the problem gets started.

When I plug my charger the notification tells me "Fast Charging Started" and in battery setting it tells "Fast Charger Connected" but after that phone will stop charging anymore.

For example: the phone was on 42 percent of battery and gets connected to charger. After 12 hours it's still has 42% charge. That's it. It won't charge until it's on fast charge method.

If I turn off fast charging and use slow charging method it works fine. As the second that I turn off the fast charging in setting the battery get charged 1% and starts charging as it expected.

After One UI 6.1 Update the problem didn't solved so I started to do it on my own :smiling-face:

My charger is EP-TA800 and it's charging other phones with fast charge properly and problem is just with my phone.

I've also tested with another charger(EP-TA200) and phone charged well as expected.

One of my friends told me to use *#9900# code and "Batterystats reset" and turn off and on "fast charging" in setting and unplug the charger then and turn the phone off and plug the charger in and power on my phone. Surprisingly it works and my phone fast charged again. But after some hours the problem starts again so I did the "Batterystats reset" once again and it works fine.

So after all I know there is some bug or problem with software and it's not a hardware problem such as charger issue or cable connection error or something like these.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?