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How do I turn off Samsung Keyboard's auto-adjustments while typing and ONLY the auto-adjustments?

(Topic created on: 27-09-2022 02:42 AM)
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I've been trying to write a few paragraphs for an hour of so now that are slightly more complicated than a text message and the Samsung Keyboard has become a huge hinderance to my time and productivity in this. 

Every time I try to go back and change a sentence or word, the keyboard refocuses my screen where it wants, sometimes moving what I'm working on completely off screen. Other times it moves the focus somewhere it thinks is more important. When I open the symbols keyboard to add some symbols, pressing space takes me back to the letter keyboard even if I'm not done with symbols.

I'm losing my $%&#ING MIND with this! The keyboard is constantly trying to choose things on my behalf and its only slowing me down. I want to turn those features off, and ONLY those features off. Online search results show that I have to turn off predictive text and writing suggestions, but I want those features. Other results show its the result of Grammarly and I have to access Grammarly to turn off "autojump to suggested corrections," but Grammarly settings can't be accessed in the Samsung Keyboard and Grammarly's own keyboard seems to have removed the setting.

A 20-minute note I wanted to write has devolved to me being here 90 minutes later because of productivity features that are slowing my work down and I can't turn off. I'm about ready to switch keyboards over this. How do I turn the auto-adjustments this keyboard keeps making off so it stops interfering with my typing?

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This is happening to me. Upgraded my phone and on notes, especially. I I go back up to a paragraph I start typing, then press the spacebar. The page automatically goes down to the bottom 🥺