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Original topic:

How can I setup the following routine?:

(Topic created on: 13-09-2021 08:18 PM)
Big Cheese
Mobile Apps & Services
When Wi-Fi Strength from VM625 is 2 bars or less, switch to Wi-Fi VM625_EXT? And vice versa?

I've been trying to establish a routine like this on Bixby Routines, but I think itnis not possible 🙁. Any tips?

Also, it is possible to setup the following routine?:

When not in range of Wi-Fi VM625 and VM625_EXT, turn off Wi-Fi and turn on Mobile Data. Then, when in the range of these Wi-Fi Connections, Switch Off Mobile Data and turn on Wi-Fi?

Again, struggling to set this up. I've tried utilising location, but it takes me quite a distance out of my house to walk to the local Supermarket, before Wi-Fi turns off and Mobile Data turns on. Please help and leave any suggestions below. Thanks! 😃