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Have you been HACKED?

(Topic created on: 28-04-2022 11:09 PM)
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My Samsung galaxy A52 has been well and truly hacked. I know theres not many options available because of my own experience, any advice is welcome. The identity of this hacker is definitely known to me. But police, even FRAUD SQUAD don't seem eager to help even though I have buckets of evidence? New to the area I slowly got to know a neighbour!. Become suspicious after he turned up with identical device. A few months ago I was extremely neive not technicall or digitally literate, but noticed strange behaviour with my device! 
Needless to say, several months later my understanding of this criminal 'neighbour' his filthy trade & mobile telephone technology increased exponentially that I believe I have started to uncover a very large and sophisticated group of people involved in a huge conspiracy, breaking many laws including theft of identity, data, money, money laundering etc etc etc. But I'm absolutely dismayed and angry with the incredible lack of help and support available from anywhere that it seems to only serve these criminals to break the law with impunity!
Especially after the way this affects the victim, how it can completely take over and ruin their lives!!! Having experienced this myself I feel I speak for very many many other victims hidden behind a wall of panatious ignorance and denial. Where the greed of the banking systems, apparant complicity through the lack of willingness and resources in all area's of the laws comes before the individual victims and the incredible price they pay, the harm that's inflicted on their families! 
From the design, development and implementation of many products that are advertised recommended then sold to the unsuspecting public by such trusted household names as Google, Facebook, Amazon etc etc etc most of these 'apps' for instance are sold with the key to the back door left in the lock for any potential hacker to simply take up the invitation to join in this seemingly free for all baitball of victims that are collectively feeding their insatiable greed that one would think that they are all working together in this global conspiracy of criminals!

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If you know your device has been compromised. You will need to factory reset it.
Go to a different device like a computer and reset your passwords.
While you are at it.
Setup two factor authentication on you accounts. Including chat accounts like WhatsApp to name one.
Setup your phone using the backup data from your Samsung account and Google Play account.
If you don't use NFC, Bluetooth etc often. Turn these off when not using them.
You home WiFi router is another access point. Change the password and only give it out to those you trust.

Downloading Apps from Unknown Sources is something to avoid if at all possible. Third party app stores won't be vetted as well as Google Play Store. Even then be careful what you download as some of those apps can have links to other sources.

Be careful the messages and emails you get sent. If you are concerned, don't open them and contact the sender and see if its genuine. Emails, check the sender addresses, as they may look like they have been sent by someone you know.

Samsung phones have a certain amount of security. Secure folders, various sign in options etc.
They are there and come with the phone, so may as well use them.

Above all question everything. Why is someone wanting you to open a link or message. Especially unexpected ones.
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It's not as easy and I know how you feel mate, I was in a horrific relationship with a Narcarsistic crazy person who had me pay for my contract phone so he had set me on a child's account probably the whole contract phone and nobody helped me when I took it into the phone shop where it was purchased. I knew that was his account I only wanted to know if the same lady who wouldn't tell me anything my Bank accounts were emptied I ended up being sectioned under the mental health act. It's horrible knowing that you have been trying to convince people that someplace there's crazy and that's, worse if you have Bipolar disorder labelled so he can play games with me i lost my whole house everything I had on the planet in 39yrs I lost my mind and you get told by anywhere Facebook accounts I get laughed at by my eldest kids due to the embarrassment of the amount of accounts I have it's embarrassing and nobody believes you and I see someone has answered but it's information overload it would be easier to expect remote help?