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Google Pay on Samsung Watch?

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I have got OnePlus 3T and I want to buy new Samsung Watch 46mm. The only thing that stops me - I can't install Google Pay on Samsung Watch! WHY??? I want to pay by NFC, but I don't like Samsung phones (to use Samsung Pay)... 


There are now two solutions to using your UK bank credit and debit cards with Samsung Pay. The first is the Samsung Pay Card and the other is a Curve card. Curve are behind the Samsung Pay Card so there's not much to choose between them. Both offer additional benefits such as cashback, etc.


The solutions is basically a virtual Mastercard that sits in front of any other cards you add to your digital wallet. You choose the "active" payment card and all purchases are passed on to that card/account. This means you can add any common UK card to the wallet and use it behind your virtual card. The virtual card can be added to Samsung Pay and therefore will work with Samsung phones/watches.


The Samsung Pay Card is virtual and lives in your phone. The Curve card is also physical and can be used in shops, etc. as well as being on your phone/watch.


I'm not affiliated with either product and have never used the Samsung Pay Card but have had a Curve card for a long time. If you decide to go the Curve route, we can both get a £5 reward if you register using my promo code (DOXRRK7D) and make a transaction 😉 #justsayin


Incidentally, the Curve card also works with Apple Pay (excuse my language).

The real point is here that Samsung pay is much less supported across the world than google pay so if you are stuck with Samsung pay on your watch that you have a much slighter chance that your bank actually supports it.   So the real solution to this problem would be to have the option to install Google pay on your Samsung watch. No biggie!

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@ Nemo - it is biggie. The problem is Google pay is Android app and Galaxy watch runs Tizen OS. So to be able to install Google pay on Galaxy watch, the creator of google pay would have to reprogram / port the app onto Tizen OS. It is not as simple as Samsung "allowing" Google pay on the watch.
It is the same as if you wanted to use some iPhone app on the Android phone - you can't unless the app creator makes BOTH versions, because the iOS version will simply not work on Android phone.



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I have different problem. My bank is supported by Samsung pay BUT ONLY on the phone app. So I can use my Android (Galaxy S7 in this case) phone to pay with Samsung pay, but the galaxy watch will not accept the same card. And that's bad. Seems like I'd have to apply for new card just to use it on the watch, because I specifically do not want to pull out my phone to pay (yes, I am that lazy 🙂 , but mainly my phone lives in a closed wallet-type case and I need two hands to open it, hold it at the reader and touch the fingerprint scanner. So it defies the convenience of quick pay.) And I have the latest version of the watch Samsung pay app. Anybody knows if they plan some update?

Check your watch CSC code. I got my watch on eBay Australia, watch sent from the local seller but the watch CSC code was from Trinidad and Tobago so I had to change it to XSA (Australian CSC code). Samsung pay works now on both: phone and watch. I have Galaxy watch 46 cm BT and Galaxy S 7 Dual Sim phone but Samsung pay works with Emirates CSC on the phone. I flushed the phone with Australian firmware but CSC is still UEA so phone CSC doesn't matter for Samsung pay if the firmware ROM is Australian (in my case) .  Watch CSC is critical for the card to work.

So has anybody actually solved this problem?
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