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Galaxy Watch & Samsung Health Calorie issues

(Topic created on: 12-09-2018 02:40 PM)

Hi there, does anyone from samsung view this forum at all? I have a query that is confusing me a little.


On awakening this morning my sleep suggested I had burnt 522 calories, all good. Its now 7.30 hours later, I have been active for much of the day and completed 9000 steps over 2 fast walks covering 3.5 miles and total calories burnt are now 1106, with only 243 of those burnt through my walks.

I am also wearing an old Fitbit at the moment while I try to work out whats happening with the Galaxy watch, this shows total calories for same period of time as 1756 calories, as you may see a massive difference of 650 cals.

Looking in Samsung Health (V6) at the weight feature its going to be impossible for me to ever hit your calculated goals when the watch itself is massively undercalculating calories?


Fitbit tells me I can still eat 875 calories today to reach goals, Samsung health has me 106 kcals over and in the red!!


Have you any ideas please as it becomes quite discouraging for users to keep failing goals Sasmung have set.