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Find my mobile doesn't finish loading?

(Topic created on: 29-10-2020 12:27 PM)
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I have recently changed my screen security pattern but i seem to have made a mistake somewhere and i am now locked out of my phone. There are a few things i am not sure have been backed up so would like to get into my phone without wiping it. I have read that the find my mobile feature has the ability to unlock your phone but i am struggling to load up the Find My Mobile website successfully.


All i get is the spinning circle to show it is loading, i cannot click on Help, Settings or the 3 dots shown on screen for options (i assume it is for options). I am definitely logging in successfully and even reset my Samsung password to be sure.


Google services is able to find my phone no problem so i know the function is working perfectly fine (locations services etc).


Ii there anyone who has had this problem in the past or could help please? I have tried using Chrome and IE on my laptop as well as the web browser on another phone to use the Find My Mobile function but get the same thing. Constant circle loading but nothing else.


Any help would be much appreciated.




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I just got a new S20 and I was setting it up and checking it out and decided to make sure this was working.  It's not, same problem for me.  Google finds it no problem but the Samsung website doesn't load. I tried it on different browsers and even on my older Samsung phone. Just a spinning circle.