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And/Or Conditions for Samsung Modes/Routines Automations on One Ui

(Topic created on: 04-10-2023 03:05 PM)
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I don't know about anyone else but I think the automation options available on mobile (modes and routines) are great, but I feel like they're just falling short of being excellent. 


From what I understand, only one condition needs to be met in an automation for it to trigger. This means that even if you have a very specific intention for your automation and want a long list of conditions that need meeting, all but one of those conditions effectively become redundant. 


For example, I have a work mode on my phone which I use for university. I want it to trigger when I am inside a lecture/seminar but not when I am merely walking past a building/through the campus, because that would be inconvenient and mean that I miss an important notification. Since the location trigger (trigger when arriving in certain location) isn't very specific (minimum diameter is 100m), this means that it will trigger the mode whenever I am near the area and not necessarily when I am in a lecture/seminar. Trigger by location does have WiFi recognition, but this doesn't help because it would assume I am in the location whenever I connect to the network despite that network being used in accommodation buildings, where I'd obviously like my phone to function as though it's not at work. Therefore, I thought it would be good to use a time trigger too so that if I were on campus between working hours (say, 09:00 to 17:00), my phone would trigger the mode. 

However, referring back to the original issue, only one condition needs to be met to trigger the mode. Therefore, if I finish university at 14:00 and walk back home, the mode will still be active because the time trigger is operational. 

I can't see a way around this as it stands unless I opt for an app that specialises in these sorts of things (ITTT, etc). Could I therefore suggest introducing an AND/OR option for conditions so we can better customise these automations


When arriving at location AND between these times, the mode will trigger. 

As opposed to...

When arriving at location OR between these times, the mode will trigger. (the current default)


Thanks! Hope I made sense.


Modes indeed have that limitation. Try setting up a routine instead.