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Female health on Samsung health app


Is a female health/period tracker going to be added at any point, I can't even find one that is compatible. Anyone know of any?

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Who will make the first youTube video that Samsung is sexist?!?!




After watching many many reviews on Youtube that the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is one of the best smart/fit watches. I decided to change from Fitbit Charge 2 to Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, after seeing the previous thread on this topic makes me wish I never did. Women are becoming more than half the population, and by far the leading consumer in spending. It is appauling after almost 2 years of the previous thread there has been no update for cycle tracking (mentral/period) in S Health. Where Fitbit has offered this function years ago, after even seeing the responding comments "thanks for your input, we are working on it", it's obvious you are not. It just goes to show you don't have any women in your corporate offices writting code, and/or maybe your chauvinistic app programer managers just don't take them seriously. I might have to return my watch and get another Fitbit charge 3.


-Disappointed FEMALE consumer


When Samsung will stop ignoring thousands of women and actually do something we're asking for, for ages?

Samsung health needs a female tracker (periods, ovulation, pregnancy) option. 

It's stupid we can keep track of how many coffees we drank but we cannot track out menstrual cycle. 





Is there a date of when you will incorporate female health into the Samsung Health app? This is essential and a deal breaker for your products. 


There's no news on this-- which is rather sad and disappointing. Addressing our concerns would be appreciated.


I just got my active 2 and I am so disappointed that it doesn't track female health, now I'm really feeling like I'm gonna miss my Fitbit. 

Purchased Active 2 to replace my wife's  Fitbit for Christmas.  Looks like we'll be  returning it as she uses the cycle traker on her Fitbit. 

We are in 2020 and Samsung still doesnt have a widget to track the menstrual cycle. Years behind other providers. I think i will change my watch due to this. Is very important to track our health, completely ignoring menstrual health is a sign of misoginy and patriarchy on the company. Big dissapointment, so much is being developed but this keeps to be overlooked.

Could not have said that better.
I'm going back to my fitbit as samsung is not even responding to us.
Literally taking a ***** on us.
I did the same.. purchased the Active2 for myself.. and returned it. Extremely disappointed in Samsung!

I am trying another route now via twitter

Please help me ladies as surely it can't be that difficult to add! 


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