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Feature request to Samsung Notes: integration of pen input and keyboard in the same note

(Topic created on: 24-03-2023 04:34 PM)

Hey Samsung community :smiling-face: I am writing this post to request a new feature for the Samsung Notes application. This feature is about correcting the issues regarding the integration of a pen and keyboard input in the same note. 

Currently if we write in the note with the pen the pen input doesn't stick to the page. When we write with the keyboard above the pen input the structure of the note gets completly ruined after we write several keyboard lines, because the keyboard text covers the pen input. I demonstrate the problem in this video (it's the same video 3 times to avoid it being categorized as a short video in YouTube):

This is clearly a faulty app design and its implication is that you can practically write with the keyboard only at the lower part of your note.

I previously brought up this issue ( but I figured that creating a new thread with a more accurate title would be better. I am appealing to you, Samsung Community. If you people think that this problem is a faulty app design and that it should be fixed, I'd appreciate to hearing your voice - it's important. Please share your thoughts on whether this issue should be fixed or not.