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Emergency Alerts

(Topic created on: 02-06-2021 11:10 AM)

What are Emergency Alerts?
Emergency Alerts are a public information service that the Government has developed to alert citizens to emergencies, both nation-wide and in their local area, that represent a severe threat to life and/or property. They are text-based messages that will be broadcast from cell towers to people’s mobile devices, detailing the emergency and actions people need to take to ensure their safety.


What do the messages look like?

Emergency Alerts appear on your device’s home screen. You have to acknowledge them before you can use your device’s other features. They appear as a notification and may include telephone numbers or website links to further information. A loud, distinct tone and vibration is usually associated with the message to raise awareness of the hazard or threat.


What should I do when I receive an Emergency Alert?

Read the content carefully. An Emergency Alert is likely to include a link to where further information is contained, and/or a helpline.




Will Emergency Alerts work on all devices?

Emergency Alerts should be received on all Galaxy Fold, S, Note, and A Series devices, [from 2015 onwards], M11-51, J3, J4 and J6, Tab S3-S7, Tab Active 2, 3 and Pro, Tab A 7-10.5, and Xcover 4S, 5 and Pro models.


However, there are some factors which might mean you will not receive an alert. These include:


  • A device needs to be on 4G or 5G to receive the alert. To note, a device that is normally on 4G or 5G can often connect to a 3G or a 2G signal inside buildings.
  • The device does not have the latest software update or the software update has not been released (older devices have a slower update cycle).
  • The device is not able to receive the alerts as it is no longer supported.
  • The device is not a 4G-enabled device.
  • The device was switched off. Although if you are in proximity to a cellular tower when the alert is broadcast, you will receive the alert when your phone is switched back on.
  • The device was not connected to a mast broadcasting the Emergency Alert.


We recommend that customers download the latest software. To do this go:

Settings > Software update > Download and install


How to find Emergency Alerts?


Android 11: Settings > Search for “emergency alerts” OR Settings > Notifications > Advanced Settings > Wireless Emergency Alerts


Android 10 and older OS versions: Messages app > Settings > Emergency Alert settings > Emergency Alerts


Will all the Mobile Networks provide Emergency Alerts?

Emergency Alerts will be sent across all networks.



Is my privacy and security protected?

No personal information (such as telephone number, identity or location) is used in the sending of any Emergency Alert.


For further information visit:

Samsung Members Star ★★

This is the screen for Wireless Emergency Alerts:

Screenshot_20210602-122345_Wireless emergency alerts.jpg


I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.


How can they be disabled?

First Poster

How can I increase the volume?


From: Ton Jansen
To: Samsung Support
Date: 2022-02-19
Subject: How can I increase the volume of the NL-Alert?


I have a Samsung phone, Model: gt-e1050

Today I got an NL-Alert.
The text in the display was read by a voice.

When I tried to increase the volume, the sound completely stopped.

Can you help me to increase the volume of the NL-Alert?

Ton Jansen