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Eliminating Extra Space in Cropping

(Topic created on: 12-06-2022 02:27 PM)
First Poster

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever noticed that when you go to crop a picture that the crop feature forces you to include extra/additional buffer space? For example I have included a screenshot below and a crop from it. Typically the crop feature will either force you to include unwanted "buffer space" outside of the image you are cropping or force you to crop into the image you want and reduce its full size.

I feel that if the suggested auto-crop feature is smart enough to detect what image I am trying to isolate and crop it should also be smart enough to know I do not want anything additional in my crop except for that isolated image that I wish to crop.

If you try to change the crop lines yourself, it will jump or push you past the clean crop line and force you to include the extra buffer space inhibiting you from making a clean crop or forcing you to have to crop inside of the actual image you wish to isolate which will result in the inability to cleanly crop from photos.

Whatever this feature is which makes me include this unnecessary buffer I would suggest to Samsung to eliminate it, or refine to make actual clean crops to not include any buffer. If we wanted that additional buffer we could move the crop lines ourselves to include that, but forcing me to is burdensome.