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Gallery trash bin not deleting files after 30 days

(Topic created on: 12-06-2022 02:08 AM)
George Anell
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Today I just realized there were some videos I deleted a couple months ago in the Gallery trash, when it's supposed to delete them automatically after 30 days.

Those old files said "Today", when others (deleted recently) said "xx days" before deletion.

So, I did a test:
I deleted (sent to the trash) some pictures, those ones said "30 days" inside there.
I changed the date on the phone a couple months ahead.
I returned to the Gallery trash, and those pictures were still there saying "today".

I tried with other apps as Files, Notes, Messages, and the trash bin on those apps does his job perfectly, it DOES DELETE THE FILES after 30 days, except for the Gallery one.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G
The files I try to delete are in the internal memory (it also happens with the SD card files).

Any solution for this?

Samsung Maker ★
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@George Anell hello, first check if the Gallery app does not have a pending update.
Save a copy of your gallery files.
Go to Phone Settings/Applications and find the Gallery app.In the three dots on the top right, apply Uninstall updates, restart.Update the Gallery app manually from Galaxy Store and check if the problem persists.Hello.

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