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Data Roaming on holiday

(Topic created on: 29-02-2024 03:44 PM)
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My wife and I have recently been to Cape Verde. On arrival at the hotel I turned on our mobiles and immediately turned off data roaming and mobile data, as I always do.  We didn't use any apps or anything before turning off data roaming and mobile data.  However, on our latest Sky bill we have both been charged for data roaming on our 1st day there. I have been charged £2.51 and my wife has been charged £25.50. We both have Samsung A53 mobiles and the mobile data usage on both mobiles doesn't show any data usage for that date, but there is a message stating, 'Data usage is measured by your phone. This may be different from your service provider's measurements.' I've spoken with Sky and they've said the data has been used but they can't say what it was used for or what time it was used.

Is there any way to check what the data was used for?  Should data roaming and mobile data be turned off before leaving the UK?

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If i dont plan on using my main sim abroad, i usually just turn it completely off when still in the UK. I do however always buy a 2nd sim with no roaming charges, (like lebara or lyca). For your charges, id ask to speak to the relevant team, and explain to them what happened, and if your lucky they might knock the fee down or remove it completely.
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I always turn off data roaming before I fly out.
You probably got charged some connection charge I guess.
Why the other contract got a £25 charge is difficult to say if your network provider can't tell you then there's no way of knowing really
Maybe once connected it completes downloads or whatever, before the data roaming is activated.
Trouble is as soon as you turn on your phone. Apps, voicemail etc will be connecting to the data until you turn off the data roaming.
That's why I turn mine off before I leave the airport
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Yes it is safer to deactivate Roaming and Mobile Data whilst still in the UK,   I am not aware of any way to find the details of the Data useage.  There are no EU roaming charges with Lebara/Lyca.

Sky Mobile have the Roamig Password Plus  where you can  access Uk data,calls and text for £2 per day in 55 popular destinations . Cape Verde for instance though would not be included and there are extra charges for calls/texts to numbers outside the UK (including local numbers in your holiday destination).  More information here 


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Best to deactivate but I thought most networks notified you with a SMS

You can try looking in Connections, Data usage, but it is by monthly billing cycle, if you set it, so probably no use.

If I recall correctly iPhone gives more granular insights.

Sadly it's another your British, bend over, your getting rogered.

I actually called EE to confirm EU roaming as the app was not showing it, did an online chat, took a screenshot, but they offered to send an SMS confirming EU roaming was included.1709236455690_1709236455678_0.jpg
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