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Cannot Disable S10 Bixby Button


Well I just got the S10 to replace my S8 and much to my disappointment there is no option to disable the Bixby button like there was on my S8.


I do not use Bixby I have no desire to use Bixby and I really dislike the fact I cannot disable Bixby.

But I can be fine knowing it's there if the button doesn't do anything.  With this button active at all times Bixby is constantly opened on accident when I go to adjust the volume.


I do not understand why Samsung feels the desire to FORCE this button upon me.




I know I can use an app to disable and even remap the button... but I would really rather there just be an option to disable it in the phone.


Sorry for the rant I am just very frustrated with this Bixby nonsense.




There videos on YouTube. It doesn't disable it but you can remap it like I've done. 

Easy peasy 



Yes I know it can be "remapped", but it is not a true remapping and it still leaves the Bixby activation there and that is still not acceptable for me.

Thank you for replying though.
There's an option so you have to double press the button in order to activate it. I've done this and then at least you might not do it as often? Not ideal I know - but better
Yeah I've already got it set up that way for now. Thank you for the response though!
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im on the same boat. i just got my s10 days ago and havent put in a simcard yet trying to crack my skull open looking for ways to disable bixby. i am totally at lost here as i am an iphone user since iphone 3G-10xs. 


Samsung are treating it's customers like *****s with the remappable button thing. 1 option to remap and another 2 ways to get Bixby in there. Just allow people to remove Bixby and stop the complaints 


Also the remapping is treated as second class - bixby activation will trigger with the screen off or locked, but set to the camera, for instance, pressing does nothing until the screen is unlocked and on - despite there already being a locked-off mode for the camera that won't allow previous gallery shots to be shown. The bixby button should be an option to use as the camera shutter too.


I would have given bixby an honest go if it wasn't being forced on me - as it is it's set to double tap and long press and I'll probably only ever trigger it accidentally.

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You can remove bixby altogether from your phone as well as any app that can only be deactivated not uninstalled by using platform-tools and adb wich is a set of tools used by android developers. Any bloatware app that you cannot get rid of by uninstalling but only by deactivating them can also be deleted from your phone, but removing bixby will get you an useless buton on your phone. Dont know if you can remap it later tho. I havent tried that yet. Also, factory reseting your phone will bring bixby and every app you delete back everytime since they are still in the phones backup image. Let me know if you want a tutorial for that

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