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Get Bixby to do what I want it to

(Topic created on: 10-03-2019 11:11 AM)
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Hi, does anyone here have any tips how I can get Bixby to follow my commands? For example, one of my big issues has always been the difficulty to make it start a shopping list on Reminder. I cook and bake a lot, and I always felt being able to use my voice to add things to the shopping list while I'm cooking would be very useful. Google does this with no issues at all! I say OK Google, add milk to my shopping list. And boom. Milk is on my shopping list. But... Since I have a Samsung phone, one that is pushing Bixby on me any opportunity it gets, why can't I make a shopping list?!?! It frustrates me so much! I try all sorts of different commands, and it's not having any of it. So I say "Hi Bixby - create shopping list reminder" and yep, it does that, I now have a Reminder called shopping list. Next I say "Hi Bixby - add milk to shopping list reminder". Nope. It asks what do you want the reminder to say, or ok, that's done, and I just have a new reminder that's called "milk to shopping list". How is this so difficult for Bixby?! Is there a way I can use Bixby for this, or is it too much to ask?