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Being unable to hide navigation bar is such a headache

(Topic created on: 24-11-2020 06:25 AM)
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I want to watch anime on my tv and i use mirror screen but its not fullscreen when theres a big white bar on the side. On my s8 we had a button on the bar itself to hide it but now i upgrade phones to s10 and the button doesnt exist anymore and after hours of google searching a solution the only 3 options left to me are

1 - change the settings on my phone to gestures so the navigation bar dissapears but the literally changes the way my phone funcions and have to change all these settings just to remove the bar so i can watch a couple of episodes only to change it all back an hour later



2 - download 3rd party sofware and root my device 

(No more warranty)


3 - sell this garbage and buy an iphone because my brother has no problems mirror screening his iphone on the tv and yet here i am writing a novel because i thought samsung would cause me less stress.

(Bye samsung)


If anyone has a better solution then the ones ive listed please let me know.

Helping Hand
I would recommend Samsung video player you can change to full screen and settings once connected to your TV you'll see a blue circle floating icon I use the Samsung video player quite a lot if I'm watching a movie I will smart view it through my device to my TV and change the full screen settings I hope this helps you a lot

Screenshot_20201124-063856_Smart View_14839.jpg

Screenshot_20201124-063802_Smart View.jpg

Screenshot_20201124-063500_Galaxy Store.jpg