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Android version 13 update Note 20 Gallery

(Topic created on: 21-11-2022 09:53 AM)
First Poster

My phone recently updated to Android 13, I opened the Gallery app this morning and noticed a "Favourite" & "Recent" album have appeared. Much like the iPhone have- the albums that iPhone users HATE. (Mainly the recent).


All my photos and videos are in the "Recent" album. Not sure I understand the point when I can just click on the photos tab and see all of my photos and videos.


I have several albums and sort all my stuff into these albums so to create a random album with everything in is just mad. I can't delete the album and if I delete the photos out of this album it deletes them off my phone!


Sure I can hide the album but it's taking up memory by being on the phone?


You've seen Apple have something and you've copied it for no good reason.


As for the favourites album, it's empty and cannot be deleted?! The whole thing is just weird and pointless. How has this improved the phone at all?


Maybe you could work on the screen not lighting up when I get a text instead (maybe you have sorted it in this update, I haven't looked... but I doubt you have). And having a setting to stop notifications "popping up" on the screen but still get them in the notification bar. The amount of times I have opened messages coming through when I go to click something on the screen is unreal.