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WW90J6410CW/LV stop spinning

(Topic created on: 07-12-2020 11:06 PM)
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29/11/2020 after midnight the WW90J6410CW/LV washing machine 9.0kg ecobubble stops in the middle of a cycle . Waking up in the morning and i see error code in the screen "3C"(check motor operation) . I turn it off and then on,selecting another cycle and give it a go. The machine drain water ,refilling new but when it's time to spin the drum sitting still. After testing different programme cycles and unplugin the power cord for several minutes nothing worked. I run a smart check(machine selfdiagnose) and the dots and dashes showing a "motor fault" (electricity supply to motor is excessive) . I call Samsung Greece for service and after giving them all the info i learn that they don't have their technicians but giving the service to authorized private companies. I call the authorized service company "Service One"
in 01/12/20 explaining them the situation and ask to send a technician. The appointment is 90% done and the woman on the phone tells me the next day early in the morning the technician will call me to arrange only the time he will come in the day. 02/12/2020 i see unanswered incoming call from the authorized service at 08:53. At around 10 oclock i wake up and call them back, the woman on the phone inform me their technician is at my doorbell, wtf i said he supposed to find me first on the phone not start coming to me without knowing if i am at home...... . I open to him and explain every single step i made and the fault codes in the screen. He take a screwdriver removing the top cover, the back cover i had already unscrewed , he take a glimpse on the main board then on the motor and finally he spin the
drum by hand. After that he choose a cycle and starts the machine , and confirm that the drum isn't moving. Then trying to make a calibration but drum still unmoved. Then i asked him:


Me: What do you find?

He: It is probably the main board that not working.

Me: Hmm, yes but the fault codes telling something is wrong with the motor..

He: The most common fault on these is the main board.

Me: And how do you recognize that the motor is working properly and it's not the problem or any other part that may cause this?

He: The motor is not excluded to be faulty, perhaps could be both main board and motor.

Me : So now what are the next step to diagnose which is the problem?

He: I must bring a working main board ,and connect it to your washing machine to see if it works.

Me: Ok, when you will come to plug the working main board and finally track down the fault part , would i be committed to buy the main board or pay you for coming again?

He: No, you won't have to pay anything unless you want to repair it and i have to put new parts on it.

Me: So now i have to wait for your call?

He: Yes ,when i have the main board we can arrange to come again to test it. Samsung spare parts sending takes normal time so it won't be late

Me: Ok thanks we keep in touch.


I pay him 35EUR and he left. The next day 03/12/2020 a man call me from the authorized service "Service One" and tell me to make a bank deposit of 180EUR to them because they don't have a spare main board and someone must pay for Samsung to send it. After i explained to him what technician did and what he told me ,he insisted that the diagnose of technician was faulty main board. And this is the step by step procedure of Samsung. I told him and if the main board is ok and the problem is the motor then what? I won't pay you 180EUR TO MAKE YOU PROOF ME what is the fault when i already payed 35EUR to find the fault? I inform him to speak to someone in charge and call me back to make complain and also that i would complain to Samsung Greece and everywhere else i could find. The same day i called to Samsung
Greece customer service and ask to talk with someone responsible. Today 07/12/2020 someone in charge from Samsung Greece customer service call me and told me that the technician has send them email that his diagnose is a faulty main board and after i explain to her all the situation and what techician told to me,what they ask me is insane. She told me she can't do anything more .

By now 4 days have passed(without weekend) from the visit of your authorized technician and the answer from  Samsung Greece customer service and the authorized service is that i have to pay 180EUR to change the main board and the DIAGNOSE IS NOT ALREADY DONE , IS NOT ALREADY SURE ...really ? Is this the method that Samsung making diagnose on washing machines in 2020 by just looking at them and by what is the most common fault ? How this is documented with proofs?

Until now none from the authorized service called me back. Have in mind that I have a family with two kids one almost 3 years old and the second 8 months old and i am totally dissapointed by the experience and the unproffecionalism of both Samsung customer service and the

authorized service company.

The washing machine was bought in 18/09/2015 at the price of 559,99EUR with 5 year waranty and especially 10 year warranty on the motor.

Thanks for hearing me Georgios