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Warranty problem

(Topic created on: 06-12-2022 09:59 PM)
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I recently (July) purchased a Samsung fridge freezer and registered it on my Samsung account.  The fridge freezer came with a 5 year warranty.  I was under the impression that registering it on my Samsung account was all I needed to do to get the 5 year warranty.

In November, I purchased a Samsung washing machine and have just logged on to my Samsung account to register it.  I realised when I did so that the fridge freezer was not showing up under "my products."  In the course of working out what had happened (i.e searching this community for other related posts), I discovered that I needed to visit a separate site to register for the 5 year warranty.  I have successfully done this for the washing machine, but because I purchased the fridge freezer before August, it appears that the 5 year warranty offer has expired.

I'm really annoyed by this - surely if you buy a produce with a 5 year warranty it should have a 5 year warranty?  I don't think the Samsung account made it particularly clear that I needed to undertake a separate step to do this.  Is there anything I can do now?

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I am having the same issue to register my Samsung fridge warranty 

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Home Appliances
Same.. bought quite a few products including 3 washing machine for various properties.
Again it's was not clear when I bought products I must register to receive the 5 warranty.
Just recently I saw when making a purchase saying must register within 90 days to receive extended warranty.
I feel Samsung have found a loop hole in the system.
At present trying to figure out if there was mentioned of required to register within 90 days to receive warranty.
So when you go to the your Samsung account it gives you the option to register your product... which I have done if not brought directly from Samsung but if you buy anything it auto registers.
So that's not sufficient? Also I can not recall when buying products a link or any info is provided.
When trying get like cashback or gifts its clearly says how to do it.
I will be contacting consumer rights/citizens advice