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Samsung RF8000 4 Door Fridge Water and Filter problems

(Topic created on: 29-04-2018 05:07 PM)
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Hello team,


We have a Samsung RF24HSESBSR Four Door with Sparking Water 495 L




The water has stopped dispensing and at the same time our filter started flashing red for changing. I understand that the water should still flow despite there not being a filter in. I was not aware of this at the time and just assumed it would be a slide out slide in process.


I took the original filter out, but was not able to insert new filter. Checking that this was not an incorrect new filter, I tried to re-insert the original filter, but it would not reinsert. 


It feels as if the hole is 2cm short for both old and new filters when I try to insert it (following the instructions re the handle position and clockwise twist etc).


Looking at the two filters, I notice some small differences, and I have read that Samsung has made some changes to the item. 


For example, the original filter had two rubber rings at the top, while the new one only has one. Also at the bottom of the original filter there is a groove at the base, while there is not on the new one. In terms of the labelling, the two are exactly the same except for a segment that says 'For use in system Model No. DA97-08006A-1' (original) and 'For use in system Model No. DA97-08043*** (Scratched)' (New).



I have read that the water pressure could be the reason for the filters not being able to be reinserted. As such I have turned off the water supply to the fridge but am still unable to insert the filters. I also read that if I took the trays at the bottom of the fridge out a reason for the water block could be freezing and to look for any build ups of ice.


I did so, and found a fairly small area that was frozen at the back of the fridge against the plastic frame that houses the filter, where I assume the water passes through.


My questions: 


Am I correct that I will not be able to insert the filter until the water pressure is eased, and that will not be possible until a frozen blockage is unfrozen? Then once done, I can get a regular water supply and be able to insert the water.


Is there a way in which I can unfreeze the water pipe without turning off the fridge for an extended period? (We have young children so need the fridge).


Thanks for your assistance.





We've sent this off to our Domestic Appliance specialists for further support. We'll get back to you when we have a response.




Our Domestic Appliance specialists have got back to us. They've advised that it's best for you to speak them directly about this one. If you'd like for us to arrange a call from them, can you PM me your details please (name, address, phone number, serial number of your fridge, and the day/time it's best to get in touch with you)? Alternatively, you can give them a call at your convenience on 0330 726 7864. :robothappy: