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RF56M9540SR Calendar Issues

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Hi. The calendar on this product does not allow you to record events more than 4 months in the future.


The screen has been replaced but this hasn't made any difference. Unfortunately, Samsung are not being helpful, telling me it must be a software issue but not pursuing the mattet. Obviously, whoever designed the feature must know its functionality but I'm not getting anywhere with it. I've never heard of a 4 month calendar; I thought there were 12 months in 1 year!

Does anyone else have the same issue and able to advise please. 

Samsung Pro

Hi ,


This is due to google limiting the amount of events that can be synced, I think 300 was the figure so it is limited to 4 months in advanced.




Thank you Paul, much appreciated. It's took me a year to get an answer.

Is there anything that can be done to make it a fully usable calendar? It seems pretty ridiculous that it is capped. Part of the reason for having this product was for things like the calendar; I don't want to be keeping hard copy calendars when the idea is to have an electronic one that I wont miss or forget to look at.

Any ideas? 


Cheers Kerry



I mainly use my google calendar from my phone as its generally to hand when planning things and we tend to view current week on the fridge,so I know what appointments and meetings I have coming . I also sync my work outlook calendar with google so I can view work and private on the fridge.





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