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RB29FSRNDSA Fridge Freezer Noise question

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Hello guys. My fridge freezer RB29FSRNDSA arrived today and after 8 hrs stable standing we turned it on.
At the start it was working quiet but after a while we notice a loud noise coming from engine at the bottom. 

I think the noise is too loud to be normal for fridge. On the labels it says that noise should be 39dB coming from this fridge.

Check the link for audio record of that noise .

Also i found a video in youtube wich perfectly shows what i am about. check here please


Hi @Richard27.


Are you still having an issue with your fridge freezer?

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Did you get a solution, I have the same issue with a very high pitched hum, constantly. 

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Hi same here.we have been dealing with this for over a year asking questions but no answers.The Samsung engineer have been coming to our house for over a year(about 5 times at least)but even he agreed he cant fix it and we should talk to the office about solutions but wouldnt give me a phone number for a guy who deal with this.ive never seen anything like this.the way u have to chase the Samsung guys is shocking.

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