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Exasperated. Can Anyone Help?

(Topic created on: 19-03-2024 02:09 PM)

I bought a brand new Samsung Feezer model: Samsung RR7000 RZ32C7BDESA/EU

It failed within 3 months.

I then have had to spend hours on the phone to get a solution that still hasn't happened. See below and this is only a small part of everything.

Thank you Carella.

I prefer the other colour... but feel like "we are over a barrel" with this?
And I feel like we're not getting the whole truth from Samsung.
Do you (Samsung) care?
We've been without a freezer now since the beginning of February. We bought this freezer In November, so it only lasted 3 months and failed on 3 counts. This costs us without exaggeration £100s. We have proof in the form of photographic and video evidence.
  • It took 1 hour 15 minutes to book a call in February to book a basic call.
  • You organised a repair person to phone. It took a long time for them to get booked in.
  • Repair people came. 3 faults on the item proven. Nothing is in stock.
  • No item in stock in the whole of Samsung UK.
  • We had to wait nearly 2 weeks for Samsung to agree to something, that you and the repair company already knew. You don't have the parts in stock?!? 
  • You arranged (eventually) for another item to be delivered. This arrived DAMAGED.
  • I was advised by Panther your delivery people to accept it. 
  • I queried this as it would mean I've accepted damaged goods, and they chnafed their mind and said "No, refuse the delivery"
  • We had to let the delivery people take it back. Still no freezer.
  • We then had to wait AGAIN for Samsung to agree it was damaged?!? Even though your delivery people had photographic evidence it looks like a forklift truck has run into it. And I had phoned and spent ages on the phone explaining.
  • When Samsung finally got back agreeing to what they already know, a lady at your resolutions team said we'd have to wait another 7-10 days for the new item.
  • I said "this is not good enough. Why can't you speed up the process?"
  • Her response: "There's nothing I can do. That's how Samsung operates". I queried this, as it makes no sense, for a company that apparently cares about their customers?
  • I ask for her to escalate this. She says "she can't. It's her and the team only. She cannot escalate this anywhere" (which I don't believe)
  • I ask if there's any way she can speed the process up. The answer is no. (again I don't believe this. If a director for Samsung had this issue, I can guarantee you it would get resolved way quicker.)
We're told last week, that you're going to try and arrange a delivery. "The unit is in stock" you said.
  • Yesterday you phone and tell us, the unit IS NOT in stock. 19th March 2024
  • You ask us if we'd like another colour!?!?
  • I ask you if anywhere in the UK Samsung has this unit. The answer is "no".
  • I say to you I am happy if you can get a unit the same, or better with the same volume, or more in the same colour.
  • I tell you I will have to let you know about the colour you provided from the Curry's website, as we had a show booked and when driving won't get reception.
  • I look today at the colour. It's not great.
  • I then look online and SEE IT ON SAMSUNG WEBSITE IN STOCK on special offer! (See link
I feel totally exasperated and let down.
No talk about the original loss of food. (which we estimate to be around £300).
Still no freezer yet.
This breakdown is not even a quarter of what happened. Hours and hours of phone calls. 
For a major company that is supposed to care, this is THE worst customer care I've ever experienced. 
So... 3 questions
  1. Are you still telling me Samsung doesn't have the same or better in stock (evidence given)?
  2. What are you doing about our ruined food? How can I get video evidence to you? We have 7 videos, showing tray by tray ruined food as evidence.
  3. Are you still telling me, this cannot be escalated beyond the alternative resolutions team?
If this is what you are standing by, then please give me a name and email address for who I can contact under GDPR and data protection act 2018, and Freedom of Information Act 2000, and where I need to send my money to, to get all the phone calls and evidence you have reference to this affair.
I would now like one point of contact please, with someone senior who can handle this properly and who has authority to make decisions. A name and direct email address please, not generic.
Here is today's response:

Thank you for your email.

We tried calling earlier to advise that RZ32C7BDESA/EU remains to be out of stock. (I was working and in a meeting)

We understand that you saw it in Samsung's website. Please be advised that our stock list is different from theirs. (again same question, you are Samsung aren't you?")

In fact, we were advsied that the RZ32C7BDESA/EU will be back in stock approximately on the week of March 25. (Approximately... are you kidding me? You tell me something is in stock and it isn't. Now you want me to believe and approximate date, when I can clearly see it IS IN STOCK?)

We will keep your case open then and will provide you with an update. 

For further assistance, you may call 03307261129 or reply to this email. We would be glad to help. We are open Mondays to Sundays from 9 am to 6 pm.

Thank you.


Kind Regards,



Alternate Resolutions Team



Where can I go ion Samsung to get someone to use a bit of common sense, so I can deal with one person?

Thank you.



Samsung Members Star ★
Can you send a direct message to @Sam_UK
One of the Moderators maybe able to best direct you to a contact
This forum is customer based so has no direct connection with Samsung Customer Support

Hi @StevieBoy1 

We have removed your duplicate posts on this topic so the discussion can stay in one place. This is also likely why your posts went straight to SPAM.

As @Glenntech also stated, this is a user forum so if you wish for us to look into this for you, then please send a private message to Sam_UK by following the steps in the link below, and myself or one of the other mods will be able to get this looked into for you. 


Helping Hand
This is a hot mess