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Microwave MC28M6055CW Crusty Pan on High Rack causes arcing

(Topic created on: 10/04/21 10:37)
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I've just purchased the above microwave today and am going through the manual and trying out the Smart functions. 

I tried cooking some frozen chips using the Auto Hot Blast function. The manual recommends putting the chips in the crusty pan and placing it on the high rack. I tried this but the crusty pan touches the back of the microwave and it starts arcing. I contacted support who asked me to check that the turntable was placed correctly, which it was. I tried cooking it without the rack, just the crusty plate and it was fine. But I'm not going to use the crusty pan / high rack function again as it's too dangerous. I believe it's badly designed and the crusty pan is too big. Support offered me a refund but I don't want a refund, I just won't use that facility again. Has anyone else had this problem? 

Thanks :smiling-face: :smiling-face:

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yes I too have had this issue. I bought the microwave nearly a year ago, and had this issue of arcing when using the crusty plate on high rack. I called Samsung, who in turn sent an engineer. He 'condemned' the microwave, and the Samsung gave me a code to get my microwave swapped (bought form AO). This was done with in a couple of days.
Sadly, the new microwave does exactly the same. I too do not use the high rack with the crusty plate because of this.  The engineer did say it might be because the enamel might be too thin further up in the microwave where the crusty plate catches on the back, OR the crusty plate might be too thin with the enamel on there.
I am considering getting a smaller plate then it wont catch on the back