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(Topic created on: 22-08-2021 05:51 PM)
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Microwave – MC28M6055CW – Ser No. 0B1Z7WFM100037B – Currys, Wandsworth Bridge Road - now closed.

The above microwave, bought 7 June 2019, starting behaving erratically (“start” switch) in April or May 2021 and, via the Samsung chat line, a system that I will never use again as I  hate talking to a robot and answering stupid questions such as “Did we wash it in the sink” ?,  I was told via this “help” that although the machine was out of warranty I would be given a one-off repair at Samsung’s expense as a gesture of good will, after several weeks with no further action forthcoming I e-mailed Samsung on the 19th July, all that I received was an acknowledgement – this meant absolutely nothing as there was no mention of the repair and I doubt if the e-mail was even forwarded to anybody in authority. Repeated letters to both Samsung and Currys have been ignored – not really surprising as neither company has any sense of customer service, courtesy, brains or intelligence.

All that we are left with is a very expensive, very heavy door stop because that is about all that it is fit for and a total waste of almost £250—00 which as pensioners we can ill afford.

I wouldn’t touch Samsung or Currys with a barge pole in future. Plenty of other decent companies around.