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Jetbot AI+ battery life - dead after 15months

(Topic created on: 06-05-2024 02:10 PM)
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Jetbot AI+ 15 months old, 5 minutes runtime. Battery is rubbish. 

I raised a concern about the battery life of my Jetbot AI+ in Oct 2023. Essentially, I was told that it was probably just me and there was probably nothing wrong with it and the short battery life was within expectations, it was probably my perception and the surface, etc, etc, all influence run time, to which I agree. To some extent. 

I provided evidence of how sudden the battery was consumed, in fact during a chat with an agent I was able to record how many cubic meters were being achieved. It wasn't many. It had lost about 50% run time after 12 months, so it could only run for about 15-20 minutes. 

I was told that an engineer would have to visit and assess it. If the assessment was that the battery was "OK" I'd have to pay for the engineer visit. 

They weren't able to tell me how this assessment was going to be performed or what criteria would justify a warranty replacement. 

I requested to speak with a manager to discuss it but the call came a few days after they said they would. 

In the end I gave up. I was exhausted and felt gasslit. 

Now it runs for about 5 minutes. I'll raise another case but expect I'll be told its expected so be warned!
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It took me 3 UPS returns to Samsung tech support before they finally agreed to replace the battery. There is a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Hold them to it. Be a squeaky wheel until you get the right person on the phone. It took almost 6 weeks and multiple trips to UPS but the issue is resolved. Hope this helps!


on my jet bot ai+ the battery lasted about 1 year, now I have to buy another one for the crazy price of 290€.


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I am having similar issues and I have sent my jetbot for repair. Please do keep us posted if the issue was ever resolved. 

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I am having the same issue, 13 months old and it's dead bc of the battery.  I can't find any documentation that shows the 2 year warranty though.  Do you know where I could find it?