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Awful machine coupled with awful service.

(Topic created on: 05-02-2024 08:04 PM)
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We purchased a WD90TA046BX washer Dryer from on Sunday 7th of Jan this year.  It was delivered on the following Wednesday (10th). We installed it ourselves and al was well for the first two days. On the third day it began emitting a very loud grating sound when it span at 1400rpm.  We reported the fault and had to wait almost 2 weeks but then a Samsung engineer came out and determined that the drain hose was set too low. He cited this as the cause of the grating sound. He left and we were happy to admit we may have done it wrong. 

The machine was level and properly calibrated.

The next day when we used it it span up to 1400 it began to make a different (but equally loud) noise when spinning. Same engineer came out just over a week later and found a tissue in the filter. He cited this as the cause of the loud rumbling/banging noise. He left. We were less happy but willing to accept his explanation as he is the expert.

A day later we used the machine and guess what...another and quite different noise is emitted when spinning at 1400rpm. There was nothing in the filter at this time.

Each time it spins now it makes a different noise. At this point we have lost faith in the machine and requested a replacement. agreed to the return and requested an uplift number from Samsung. 

Today Samsung refuse to give the uplift number as the service engineer feels there is no fault found.

Also, today the machine stopped mid cycle and displayed a message that simply said 'HOT'. It would not open nor would the buttons respond to my touch. I had to turn it off , unplug it and turn it back on again in order to release my laundry.

Absolutely fed up with this machine now as it has never worked as expected/described since we had it. Its less than a month old. wont take it back with out an uplift number from Samsung and Samsung don't think its faulty. have given us a number of 'options'. We either 'live with it', wait for another unknown number of weeks for an engineer to come out and do more tests or (and this one's a doozy) they will take it back and offer a refund...minus 15% as it is now a used product. Apparently the 15% reduction is a 'good deal' as well!

We paid the £40 for AO membership as we are currently doing some home improvements and need to buy some stuff. A fridge, a cooker, a TV and a dishwasher. The new washing machine was the first purchase from and after this experience it will definitely be the last.

AO = Avoid Obviously.

Samsung, very disappointed with your indifference.

We have had it less than a month.