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Jet Bot and Smartthings

(Topic created on: 30-01-2023 04:24 PM)
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So, I get a Jetbot because according to the Samsung website I can do so much  with, create a schedule, manage maps, adjust suction as well as tell it when to start cleaning.

However, the reality it very different, all I can do with Smartthings is create a map, tell it to clean, change the voice and change the volume.

When I go into the setting of the Jet Bot in Smartthings my options are very limited to what I can do. Oh, sometimes the Child Lock feature is visible, which is great, if I had kids. It has none of the features the Samsung site says and none that I have seen screenshots of.

Contact Samsung and after 30 minutes of trying to get the person to understand that I can connect Smartthings to the robot but have minimal features, where she kept saying "so you can't connect Smartthings to the robot", I get told its a Smartthings issue and get given an email address to contact them.

So, email Smartthings, a few emails back and forth where they ask for access to my Smartthings logs, which I give via the App. To be told, you are in the UK we only support customers in the USA.

You know when you just want to scream..... Seriously thinking of returning the JetBot, Samsung and Smartthings support is poor. 

For a product that costs over £400, why does it not have its own App.
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I have the same problem. It cleans every time until the battery runs out and doesn't store a map so that I can make 'no go zones' I can see the features I need to update in the smart things app but they are unavailable (like sort of greyed out). Shocking given the cost of the thing!