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Icemaker RF56J9040SR freezing solid

(Topic created on: 23-11-2020 06:21 PM)

The icemaker on the machine is constantly freezing solid.  I have followed the instructions, defrosting it, but after a week it is frozen solid again.


I have called Samsung, and been through the online chat, all I am told is 'call out an engineer'.  But can an engineer actually fix this and if so how?  I am concerned that after reading the US comments on this I would be wasting money. 


Has anyone managed to permanently fix this issue?  If so, how?




I am in Europe (UK) and have MODEL: RF56J9040SR
I first started having ice compartment issues 8 months after purchase: January 2019.
Samsung contract engineer came round, replaced a bunch of stuff in the ice compartment and updated the software and said this is a well known issue and he does this fix on 100's a month.
2 years 8 months later ice compartment starts to freeze back up.
Hopefully, now forced defrosted and dried, I wont have this issue for another few years!

Forced Defrost:
See these videos and notes:

I would switch to 'ice maker off' first.

Take out ice bucket
Hold "Freezer" + "Cool Select" for 10 sec then let go
THEN PRESS "Cool Select" again.
FF appears on left and symbols on right
Keep hitting "Cool Select" until Fd appears: Forced Defrost on the right
Will start beeping - - -20 minutes. Ice will melt.
Have cloth or container in ice making compartment.
Repeat if not fully defrosted . . .check very back.
Repeated times might finish quicker


AN UPDATE: 7th July 2022
UNFORTUNATELY, the Ice Compartment, even with this trick after 2.5 years of it being "fixed" isn't working. Frosts back up again like original problem (within in a day or two). I fear leaving it a long time and for the compartment to completely frost over. This time I get a small amount of water come out of the ice maker first before the ice comes out. I will keep an eye on this now and keep you all update. Frustrating. I though this was fixed 2.5 years ago and I would have a lifetime hassle free ice . .. .  .