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Fridge Freezer Calendar Set Up

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Hi I can’t get events entered manually to the calendar on the fridge calendar screen to show up on the home screen? I have to enter manually as I have an IPhone XS and use the phone calendar rather than outlook or gmail so cannot sync it. No future events are showing or ‘dots’ marking events on the small home screen calendar only if you open up the calendar. Any advice? 


Hi @AJC69 , :smiling-face:


Is it the Family Hub you've got?


I am having the same problems as this gentleman. Everything is synced between the phones calander and the refrigerator calander. Transferring information perfectly. The problem is how he mentioned in the fridge itself. If you press on the calander you can see all the events no problem. But if you are just on the home screen looking at the widget it doesn't show any events at all. There are 5 different widget options all showing upcoming events but none of them actually do unless you open the calander. So much for quickly looking , what's the point of having any of them if I have to open the app. 

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