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Ecobubble keeps extending washing program time (e.g from 1:09 --> 2:45)


Our new 9 kg Ecobubble washing machine may start the washing program (40c, 3 rinses) showing the washing time to be 1:09.

After some fifiteen minutes of use, the remaining washing time jumps to three hours. 

The local service team has not been able to figure out why this happens. This time-tripling happens on about one out of three times. Any tips?


Hi @PM_Helsinki 


Are you still having this issue or did you manage to get it resolved?


Issue still is there.

Local Samsung repair shop replaced the 'digital unit' (bottom) and the control panel (up front) of the washer ... and with the new parts we still have the issue.

Before the repair, the issue appeared more often, say every second time. Now it happens around one out of four or five washes. Machine is two months old ... we are likely to return it to the dealer and take another brand.
In addition, our former top-of-the-line Samsung bubble washer had a function to switch off all sounds. This new one has 'switch of sounds' but in practice 90% of the sounds still remain on. This 'forced brand sound tididyys' make the washer impossile to use on weekend mornings, as the electornic disco-sounds wake the kids (wahsing sounds do not).


Ps. Funny thing still: as part of the 'Samsung repair quality control', a third party gallup company called me and asked how the Samsung repair was. I told them, that the repair was not good as it did not fix the problem. To which the gallup caller replied: in that case, I can not continue with the inquireuy questions.   Right. 


That's strange, @PM_Helsinki. Did you discuss the repair with the Service Centre when you realised it had not fully fixed the issue, and if so, what was their response?


The local dealer replaced our Ecobubble to a new one (took 5 monhts to get there). However, the very samy problem also exists with the new Ecobubble machine as well!. 

See the picture pair below.
1) I selected 40C two-spin program and the lenght of the program was indicated to take 1:04. In most washes there's no issue: Ecobubble executes the washing program with two rinses in bit over an hour. 

2) But every now and then (one out of half a dozen cases) at some point Ecobubble unexpectedely adds one or two rinses, and increases the washing time by +300%! In this example, after half an hour washing of the 1:04 porgram, a third rinse has appeared and the remaining washing time unepextedely jumped up by three hours.

I have not found any pattern to this misbehaviour. In our family we wash 'business clothing' and 'sports clothes' and 'towles & sheets' = we do not wash anything extraordinary dirty that would require time extension. Also, we fill the drum lightly (= we never overfill or 'squeeze clothes in').


Please, any adivce anyone? 


The true problem to us is that this unexpected processing-time increase destroys our clothes, especailly my busienss shirts and thin clothing in general. How? Well, imagine I have 10 one-day-kept businss shirts in the drum. They would beomce perfectly clean with a 40C one-hour program, but the washer extends the washing time to 3...4 hours. Ecobubble has a separate, independently spinning 'back wall part' - with its own drive - to boost the mechanical washing effects. Now, when the washer rocks and rolls business shirts for 3...4 hours, they all become knotted into one 'big clothing ball'. This one-bulk-of-sleeve-knotted-shirts then bounces in the durn and gets hits like a basketball ... with a result, that the corners of colras, as well the tips of the sleevs get grinded. (Imagine taking sand paper and scrapping any 'corners' of clothes). Below four pictures show what I mean.


Firts two pictures: a 1:04 (2-rinse) program - with no reason - extends to a 3-rinse, three hour program during the first half hour after the start. This happnes randomly. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 8.26.57.png


Picture of ten business shirts after Ecobubble has been (unexpectedely) washing the shirts for four hours instead one hour. Shirts get 'knotted' into one heavy ball by their sleeves. In this picture I had already half-way opened the 'shirt ball'.  

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 8.53.22.png


And another example of Ecobubble destroying clothing: this is a thin ladies shirt, which (after being rocked and rolled for four hours instead of one) had got ripped in the washer. I suspect this thin material had slipped between the two 'independently spinning drum parts'. And no, we do not have a dog in the family. This and sevearl similary shredded clothes have been caused by Samsung Ecobubble washer.

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 8.52.24.png


Pelase help. Ecobublle destroys clothes. Any advice?  


Hey, I’m now having the same issue with a different Samsung washing machine, I have yet to contact the selling agent or Samsung themselves but after reading your message I was wondering if you have had any resolution or recommendation from Samsung? 



Hi. I had my first washer reparied twice (free of charge) and then they replcaed the machine to a new one as the reparis did not change the situation described above. None of this helped. Samsung's viewpoint is that it is 'normal behaviour that the washer extends the washing time'. They do not take a stand on clothes being knotted or shreded. 

My advice is: do not buy Samsung high-end dual-drum washers. They ruin clothing. Samsung is not carrying responsibilty of a faulty designed product (which they let us consumers test). 

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Hello Helsinki


I the same issue with a different model.

Do you run via a water tank. I've noticed when I torn of the tank and the machine uses fresh water it doesn't happen.

i thought may be something I. The machine that sensors dirty water so exist ex the wash?? Not sure.


I do not use 'water tank' but drinking pure water from the communal water pipelines.


In 9kg Ecobubble the issue comes mostly up with the Cotton program. This is - I see no other option - a SW issue in the washer. This program bug ridiculously triples the washing time every now and then. 


My suggestion to all readers of this chain is: do not buy a Samsung washing machine.


Samsung 'top-end' washers ruin your clothes - and Samsung as a compnay is not carrying their responsibility for fixing the problem, nor compensating the damage their washers do. 


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Had same problem 20 days after purchase. And on worst side, i just turned back Candy Bianca because was doing same stupid things...


Anyway, with Samsung is easy, i just repeated initial calibration and all is fine now, not tripling washing time on cotton.

To repeat initial calibration, empty drum and:

  1. Power off, and then power on the washing machine.
  2. Hold down Temp. and Delay End+ simultaneously for 3 seconds to enter Calibration mode. The “Cb” message appears.
  3. Press and hold Start/Pause (Hold to Start) to run the Calibration cycle. The drum will rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise for about 3 minutes.
  4. When the cycle is complete, “0” appears on the display and the washing machine will turn off automatically. The washing machine is now ready for use.
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