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Don't buy a Samsung Washing Machine

(Topic created on: 03-04-2023 09:16 PM)
First Poster
We have a Samsung washing machine. Still under warranty. This is the second time it's broken down. Second time we've had to wait over two weeks for it to be fixed. Second time we've had to spend hours and hours and ££££ at the laundromat. They refuse to replace it and just keep sending someone out to fix it. Next time we are buying quality and service and buying Miele!!!!
Helping Hand

alright then you will have to pay Miele prices then 🙂 - not cheap 

Just be sure you check out reviews on Miele service these days before you go for one because I read many forums and sure some people have said "never buy a Miele their customer support stinks! "   ... and also dont buy xxxxxx (so and so brand) their machines are rubbish , always breaking down and their customer service stinks!" 

Its the way the world is going with products. they are not made like they used to be years ago. - mass produced items + cheaper made parts + parts manufactured to save the environment these days that maybe are not made as strong as the parts they are replacing mean don't last as long as the parts years ago. 

But good luck with your next machine. I hope it lasts.