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Bespoke Jet Vacuum dust bags

(Topic created on: 31-05-2022 02:09 PM)
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I have just bought an expensive Bespoke Jet Complete vacuum cleaner which is fantastic, it comes with three dust bags so I went on Samsung to order spares and it says NO LONGER AVAILABLE which is odd for a new product surely it means out of stock, I Googled and could only find some for sale on ebay in South Korea, I phoned the Samsung help line and after a long conversation with a lady in India who didn't know what a dust bag was and kept asking me which firm I was calling about, not sure how many times I told her it was Samsung which I thought being the Samsung help desk she would have known, after talking to her manager she ended up saying it would be available in a few days which I think was her way of saying I don't know go away. So please does anyone know where I can buy dust bags VCA-ADB952 or how to contact someone at Samsung in the UK who will hopefully understand what I want. It does appear to be a case of Samsung make great products but are rubbish at customer service.


Check out this page here for a number of Samsung dust bags.

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Hello DannyT,


I would also like to order Samsung BESPOKE Jet, but when the bags become available. Until then it is just too risky. I don't want to end up with vacuum without dust bags.

Could you please tell me when they will become available on Samsung UK?

They are not available on the webiste you put above.

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Is not bagless....

Hi Danny T,

Recently we invested in a Samsung Bespoke Jet Pro Extra clean station.
The purchase price over £800 was by no means insignificant.
To date, the unit operates well within our expectations..However, when attempting to purchase replacement dust bags for the clean station, we found that not only does Samsung no longer carry this part, neither do any of the authorised resellers channels.
Whereas my perception that  Samsung UK's inability to provide an obvious consumable component to a premium product line is disappointing, not to mention the deliberate disinterest customer care shows (I actually asked for an escalation with Samsung customer care, which to date remains silent)

What I find very distasteful and borderline dishonest, the Samsung channel  are still actively being marketed as complete units, even whilst knowing these units are unserviceable.
I have no reasonable expectation that Samsung have the will or interest to remedy this situation.
It is my view and belief that customer services is the manifestation of an executive disposition within a company and clearly, customer services presents to me as disinterested and ***** in recognising a 'customer', finding comfort in statistics and averages.
I could imagine that Samsung UK consumer appliances channel management may take a position of; provided 80% of the units are without complaint, the 20% noise is probably worth ignoring as it represents a small portion of risk to sales revenue, after all, the units have been sold, income realised and I am sure annuity income from consumables pales in focus against a quarterly sales target of new units, besides, consumables is another department...
This post affords me the personal satisfaction of at least voicing my view and opinion as a result of the details set before me.