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Auto Dose problem with softener ALWAYS

(Topic created on: 15-09-2022 08:09 PM)
Piotr Fara
First Poster
Home Appliances

Hi Samsung guys! 

Im writing here about my experience with autodose. 

Washing machine is truly great. Autodose as working also great but many many times softener is not working. I ve tried a lot of different one and nothing. 4 times service visit me but never Samsung share with me any "technical" data about this issue. 

My question is:

Maybe owners of those machines with autodose should make a petition to Samsung for repair it globally or find some solution maybe retrofit a new part or refund some part of washing machine even some small part to buy a new one. (New one got new tray but same valve)

With car companies it works also sometimes with other technical defect (Manufacture fault)

Home Appliances

have you tried taking the soap dispensing drawer completely out (press down at blue catch at back of drawer and pull towards you) once a month and cleaning it all thoroughly to keep things running smoothly? 

clean all this gunk off carefully with an old toothbrush  and waterclean all this gunk off carefully with an old toothbrush and water

clean carefully with a toothbrush and clean waterclean carefully with a toothbrush and clean water

also you could try using soap detergent with built in softener (I think Bold is just one of them that does it)  and cut out the whole fabric softener system (disable the auto softener in the washing machines menu setup) 

I have often wondered as well , but have yet to try it, is you know when you get the message in the dash which says "Fabric Softener Low" how well it would perform if you filled up the fabric softener side of the auto dose drawer with just clean warm water and put it on a rinse wash so it could take in the nice clean water and clean out the pump inside the workings and keep everything running cleanly and smoothly because i would say the pumps get a bit clogged up with gloopy liquid after time and maybe thats why they give up working as they should ?