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American Fridge Freezer Filter Life

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I have a RF24HSESBSR Fridge Freezer since late March 2019 that takes the HAF/CIN/EXP (DA29-00020B) Water Filter.

I only use the genuine Samsung Filters.

My first 2 filters lasted approximately 6 months each to the red alarm showing for replacement. (c.22/3/2019 to 25/9/2019 and 25/9/19 to 8/3/2020).

Then the 3rd Filter fitted on 10/3/2020 has only lasted 3 months to 18/6/20.

I replaced the filter again, but was very suspicious as to why it was due for replacement so soon.

According to the filter package it should last 6 months or 1136litres. This would imply that my wife and I use 12 litres of water through the fridge every day. We do not! We know that our normal combined drinking water usage is about 5 litres per day.

According to the manual the water chiller delivers 1litre continously before cutting off. 

I have now found that it normally only delivers about 600-700 ml at a time. We have been suffering from low water pressure for the last couple of months. we live in hard water area.

Very disappointed to find I cannot email this enquiry to Samsung, so I wonder if anyone cqn explain what is going on.

Do I have a faulty fridge? Is there a software issue? Was it a faulty filter? How does the fridge measure the time period or volume of water for the filter alarm after a reset? How does the fridge measure the 1L dispensing volume?

Any advice would be much appreciated as I do not want to purchase expensive filters unnecessarily and more frequently than needed.

Many thanks












I believe it's not a case of the filter not lasting. I'm not aware of the appliance monitoring the condition of the filter.
I understand the red light comes on after a fixed period of 6 months, (with the I think the purple earning light coming on a while before that). So that is strange that it should come on in 3 months - Hopefully someone else can shine a light on this?


Thanks for your comment. This is becoming a bad joke. Still unable to get an email address out of Samsung to raise the problem. The red filter warning light has just come on again after  just 11 weeks (2nd July to 27th Sept) that also included 2 weeks of non -use as we were away! I'm certainly not inclined to fit yet another new filter until we can get to the bottom of this.

Anyone at Samsung interested?????!!!!

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