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z fold 4-waiting for repair

(Topic created on: 03-10-2023 12:07 AM)
Hi community members,

I sent my z fold 4 grey green to Samsung service centre 2 weeks ago, and received a phone call from Samsung saying the grey green back is out of stock and I need to wait for this component to fix my phone.

The issue was about the hinge and the inner screen(actually the hinge destroyed the inner screen). And it's my second time sending my phone for repair due to the hinge issue.

I'm wondering if anyone has the same problem.

And I'm also wondering why don't Samsung just offer a replacement to customers when they know the necessary component(s) to fix the phone is out of stock?

Many thanks.
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Your Samsung Limited 2 year warranty offers a Repair service @Oliver_C 

I would not think Samsung would replace a phone because they have to order a part in to complete the repair. 

The instances I've known a manufacturer replace a phone is if the part is no longer available, and or the phone has been discontinued. 

Delays can happen unfortunately in regards to repairs due to a multitude of scenarios such as engineer time,  the amount of repair jobs before yours, and part availability. 

I hope you get your phone back as quickly as possible. 

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The warranty is a made-up term by manufacturers to fob off joe public, it has no legal bearing.

I personally feel Samsung should replace in your instance, but as they have offered a free-of-charge repair, there is not much else you can do.

I have owned the last two folds, one failed (hinge) hoping this one lasts, but it really destroys confidence in the product.

Case in point, with a iPhone, you walk into the store and it is sorted (if in warranty or apple care), with Samsung even having the Plus Protection you get nothing but the same poor service and turnaround.

Regards, Obsydian

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Good luck. Samsung customer service is abysmal when things go wrong. After nearly four weeks of excuses I am finally being offered a refund on my faulty Z Flip 5 (after 6 weeks of use). Even then I have to wait 7 to 14 days whilst they retrieve the phone from their own authorised repairer. Apparently their report is not good enough on its own. Customers are treated more as nuisance than valued customers. Check the hundreds of negative reports about Samsung customer service on social media to see the scale of the problem. And yet they still do nothing to improve.
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My Zfold4 inner screen hinge broke (black line down center) and I have Samsung Care+.  I called them and they scheduled an appointment at the nearest repair center 45 min away on Monday, Labor Day.  I went to the store and they were closed.  I called the store the next day and they said, bring it by, it will take about 4 hours.  I scheduled to bring it by as I was going into that area and when I got there I was told they didn't have the inner screen in beige.  I asked if they had it in any color, and they did not.  I was headed out of town in 4 da4 days later and they could not get the inner screen in that time.  I asked why they made the appointment without the parts and they related they didn't know they didn't have the parts as they don't set them aside for appointments but do as come in.  So, I went out of town with broken inner screen (black line that now is spreading and no touch capabilities) and thought, since I'll be here for 3 weeks, I'll get it fixed in this area.  Called the Care + and then called the store the first day I was there.  The store had the inner screen, but not the outer.  The technician said they can damage the outer screen while fixing the inner so they want to have both just in case.  Their distributor was out and to call him back in a week. Called Care+ and they offered to send me a replacement as long as I put 990.00 on my credit card as a hold until I returned the phone and they deemed it covered.  I said, "deem"?  They asked if I dropped it or got it in water and I said neither.  It's been babied.  I said, what happens if you do not "deem" it covered by the Care+ and he said the charge was for people were receiving the phones and never returning the phones.  I then became nervous that they would charge me regardless of the Samsung Care+ coverage.  I opted to wait for the local store to fix.  I called back in a week and still no screen. Should be in Wednesday.  Called no screen and no idea when they were getting them (distributor out).  I then called Samsung to do the replacement as my phone is now 4 weeks without an inner screen.  I was told we do not have any in stock and you need to send me your phone and we can repair in 15-20 days.  I asked about coverage and he said it will be "examined by Samsung tech experts."  I asked about the shortage to the repair facilities, related my experiences, and then asked why a company would make a phone and not have the replacement parts.  I was getting very angry, so I decided to thank the person for her time, ask for a supervisor.  I was not afforded the opportunity to speak to a supervisor.  Left my name and number for the unavailable supervisor and no return call.  Would not give a name or a direct number.  Just very disappointed and sad as I really liked the phone.  Now, they have no replacements, no screens, nothing.  I'm just very disappointed, and wish I would have kept My Note. If it is true there are no parts, then there may be a design flaw which should be acknowledged and repaired for all.  Disappointed.


Looks exactly like a design flaw, but Samsung not willing to admit.

On my Fold 4, it started with a triangular bubble at the top, in the middle of the inside screen. Progressed quickly to the bottom to become a strip all along the hinge, cracking noises, but the internal screen was still usable at the time. However, very soon afterwards, it turned black and unresponsive to touch. All in a matter of a few days.

I can see here and on other websites exactly the same pattern. These phones seem to have been insufficiently tested in real life conditions. Mine broke after just over 11 months. They claim that due to physical damage (a dent at the top of the hinge), my warranty is invalidated. Even if my Fold 4 might have been dropped over 3 months ago, what has it got to do with this problem? Nothing - just provides Samsung with an excuse not to repair the phone under warranty. Apparently, 20-30% of Folds break through normal use within the first year, so it must be too costly for Samsung to repair them all under warranty (exception being: someone has not been using them as normal phones and so they are immaculate as new after a year, but they might still push for things like the phone having been kept under too much pressure in your pocket). Looks like Samsung are at the point when they prefer to lose loyal customers than admit a design flaw.

How much they are pushing back any warranty claims was proven to me by their Customer Solutions team during a phone call a few hours ago. The lady claimed that if there were a scratch on the back cover of a phone, this would make the warranty void and even a broken microphone would not be repaired under it free of charge. According to her, a scratch is physical damage and would therefore invalidate the warranty. I’ve worked for 3 different major mobile phone operators in the UK, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard that an unrelated ‘physical damage’ (a scratch on the back cover) would invalidate the warranty for other parts of a mobile phone. It’s like saying that a smashed car window would invalidate the warranty for a broken gearbox!