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Unfair deal

(Topic created on: 13-08-2022 06:21 AM)
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I saw a promotion which you can trade in a Samsung z flip 3 for 900$ instantly which you can use it to purchase a Samsung z flip 4 and they also offered free storage upgrade to 256GB with the same price of 128GB. On top of that, they even offered a free case cover and some streaming services for free up to 6 months. Unfortunately, after checking, I found out that this promotion is only offered in the US! I thought this offer would be available in any official stores across the world but why Samsung why? I went to check the Hungarian Samsung store and the price of the trade-in Z flip 3 is only 156000ft which is approximately only 400$! and there is no free cover case whatsoever. They claimed to also add 80000ft (200$) discount upon purchase but it does not even come close to the promotion available in the US. I am not talking about tax because obviously I gotta pay it but why are you giving different promotions to your customers? 

This is written out of frustration after chatting with their online experts and checking by myself, if someone does know the additional information plz kindly help me out here.

Samsung Members Star ★
Each country or region will have its own promotions based on the type of market they are selling in.
The USA is a very different market and a very competitive one as well, quite often these promotions are done with a phone contract. So network providers will subsidise the promotions.
Last year when i got my fold 3 on release day I got a free upgrade to the 512gb version, this year they want £50 more for the 256gb version in the UK