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Samsung is lying to their customers about the durability of their product

(Topic created on: 25-03-2024 09:52 PM)
Flip phone 5

Buyer beware of Samsung products. I made the mistake of buying a flip phone 3, 4 and 5. I was promised by Samsung that the next version of the phone would be more durable... 7 months later and next gen phone(flip 5) got the same famous crease in the middle. The crease is covered under warranty.  Samsung used my Samsung care + insurance to fix the crease. Now they want me to pay 99$ extra. They are holding my phone hostage till I pay. Samsung says that I have to pay because of physical damage (front screen made out of glass has a crack and there is a minute dent to the frame but that's all outside damage.) I been asking for proof showing me how the 2 are related to the bubble but Samsung cannot provide it. Meanwhile, I been using my iPhone 11 that after 5 years and a few drops later, it still works. Samsung will do anything to brainwash their customers into thinking their products will last and when it comes to their warranty, they will find an excuse to not honor it. How is this not against the law?... oh wait, there are several Class action lawsuits against Samsung for lying to their customers about the durability of their products. I tried to email the CEOs email but it took me to a case manager that lies(Erik T, very rude individual)) and he said he is the voice of the CEO and President of Samsung. I also tried to called( 818)7517590 to place a complaint but the person on the other line did not want to hear it and hung up on me and blocked my number(????). Ive never had to deal with a multimillion dollar company that treats theirs customers this way.


Hi @Flip phone 5 ,


Sorry to hear of your experience here. It's a little odd in my experience that you haven't been sent your phone back -- in the UK & Ireland the device is returned to a customer unrepaired if for any reason they refuse the repair quotation. Noticed that you used the '$' sign though. Which country are you based in?